I am a muggle born Libra. Minimalist by nature, Bluntist by choice.

I love to watch TV and read because I like to get lost in stories.

I suffer from wanderlust, but I’m also a home body.

Honesty, Humor, Activism, Equity and Selflessness are my favorite traits in people.

I’m more John Mayer than John Legend.

I prefer eating out of bowls vs.plates.

I think the coolest color of them all is Chartreuse (that name!) and the most generic is pink.

I love maps, globes, books, libraries and the 80’s.

I like to drink tea, Aqua Panna and whiskey (not all together).

I like to eat pistachios, capers, shortbread and Champagne Cheddar with Honey (not all together).

I dislike sameness, selfishness people, liars, loud chewers, religious fanatics, tie dye, mouth breathers, slow drivers, and Republicans.

I don’t like kindles, traffic, sugar cookies or loud motorcycles.


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