Totally Tardy to the Podcast Party


I was totally tardy to the Podcast Party. I’ve been hearing people talking about Podcasts for over a decade but I didn’t understand the allure. Was it like talk radio? Was it like books on tape? I didn’t get it.

Two years ago all any of my friends were talking about was the podcast Serial. I was told I HAD to check it out so I did. Serial became the first podcast series I downloaded and listened to and I was hooked! I remember laying on my couch with a cozy blanket with the fireplace on and a warm cup of tea in my hands listening to the podcast and being lost in the story of Adnan.

I became intrigued by Podcasts and began to wonder what else I was missing. The next podcast I began to subscribe to was KCRW’s Orange County Line in which they interview OC Weekly’s editor Gustavo Arellano about different topics of interest to Orange County. This podcast is only about 4 minutes long so it wasn’t satiating my need for information on all things Orange County so I also subscribed to OC Weekly‘s own podcast OC Speakly and soon after that The City Square too.

Keeping with the Orange County theme, the next blog I discovered was Reality Life with Kate Casey. I learned about this one after bumping into an Instagram post in which Kate Casey was spoofing a celebrity photo. It turned out she does a series of these photos and while these are funny they aren’t the best thing about her Instagram account. The best part in my opinion, and what got me to click “follow” is the series of posts about her daughter in which she uses the hashtag #gives30percent.  These are my favorite and make my heart smile because I love quirky kids who march to the beat of their own drum. When I told a friend of mine about these hilarious posts she informed me that she was familiar with Kate because Kate has a blog called LoveandKnuckles in which she recaps reality TV shows and she also told me about Kate’s podcast in which she talks to her friends about reality TV shows and even interviews reality TV stars.

Yesterday, a friend and I drove down to San Diego to visit another friend who told us to listen to episode one of S Town on our drive back to Orange County. We tried, but instead of captivating me like Serial did, I was left wondering WTF? I don’t think I’ll be listening to the rest of this series unless one of you convinces me otherwise.

The number of podcasts I subscribe to has increased to six. The next podcast I will be checking out is Potterless which I just read about on Desperately Seeking Lifestyle.

What podcasts do you listen to? Got any recommendations for me?



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