Madrid – Best Thing I Ate

I can’t stop thinking about the food we ate in Spain.

When I talk to people about our trip and broach the topic of food, I feel compelled to tell people about the best thing I ate. I’ve gotten asked if it was the suckling pig at Botin. No! I didn’t find it fitting to eat anything that was still suckling when it was killed for my consumption.  I was asked if the best thing I ate were the churros con chocolate from San Gines. While the churros and chocolate were good, they didn’t change my life. I also got asked a lot about the Jamon. I think people just enjoy saying Jamon because they get to pronounce it as Ha-moan. Jamon is great, there’s no disputing it, but I only ate it in places where I didn’t have to see the pig thigh being shaved in front of my face.

Oddly enough the best thing I ate was Pan con Tomate. I would have never guessed that I’d enjoy a piece of bread with squished tomato smeared on it. Perhaps I liked it because I was abstaining from bread and tomato for the 2 months leading up to this trip?

Pan con Tomate is a traditional Catalan breakfast so I would have assumed we would have happened upon it in Barcelona, but we kept bumping into it in Madrid. I’m not complaining.

Image from

It still astounds me how something so simple managed to rock my world. Five basic ingredients:bread, olive oil, tomato, salt and garlic that’s all it is. If I could physically afford to eat bread every day without starting to resemble the Michelin man, this dish would be a staple in my daily diet.

Although pan con tomate was the best thing I ate in Madrid, bigtime props and an honorable mention also have to go out to Patatas Bravas!


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