Racism is not defunct

When I moved from Los Angeles County to Orange County I wasn’t sure what I would find behind the “Orange Curtain”, but I’ve seen a lot of diversity and I live in a “blue” city. I could almost say that perhaps the tides have changed because for the first time in OC’s history in this past election this “red” county voted “blue”, but racism is not defunct here quite yet.

I’m home today because my place of employment give us two Monday’s off in February to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and George Washington’s birthday. They do this to justify not giving us a day off in January to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. day. The unions have tried many times to get management to change this not because of the racial implications but because it’s bad business but management won’t budge because of the racial implications so I feel it’s safe to say that I work for a racist agency.

We kick off our budget season the last week of January and need to have our budget submissions in by the end of February. Giving people two back to back Monday’s (February 13th and February 20th) off  essentially renders the month of February useless.  Almost every employee at our agency works a 9/80 or 4/10 schedule so when you give people that many Friday’s and Monday’s off they schedule vacations. Therefore from February 10th to the 27th  it’s impossible to schedule meetings or get things done because of the sheer number of people on vacation. From a business standpoint this makes no sense, but then again God forbid the unions get their way or this racist agency honors MLK.


To make this day count, I spent my morning drinking my London Fog, listening to Annie Lennox’s cover of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain” from the Serendipity soundtrack, correcting the spelling errors of DeVos supporters on Facebook, making online donations to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and doing my Hear Our Voice postcards that I got Saturday morning when I attended my first Huddle Up meeting. I’m so glad I attended this meeting. It was inspiring to be surrounded by both males and females of all ages who were both Republican and Democrat who were all simply sick of the bullshit and ready to take back our country. I have to say that it was the most patriotic and empowered I’ve ever felt. I’m looking forward to all the great work these Huddle Up groups will be accomplishing.

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