A Winning News Source

Tadahiro Uesugi

When and where do you get your daily news fix? Is it biased? Is it neutral?

Over the years, I’ve realized I can’t rely on television to give me my news. I don’t tune into anything consistently. I do occasionally tune into 60 minutes or Sunday morning, but I can’t stand CNN, Fox News or any other shows that have correspondents and anchors that shout and debate. I don’t care about what “they” think… I just want news with so spin or #alternativefacts.

The Week  magazine has been my loyal companion for years and I’ve relied on this nifty weekly publication to keep me up to date on what was going on with the world, but over time I realized it was taking me all week to actually get through reading the entire issue and by then the news was stale. I needed a quicker way to get informed.

My main source of information used to be the first 10 minutes of NPR‘s Morning Edition on KCRW during my morning commute, but when I switched my job, I also altered my morning routine and couldn’t get my usual 10 minute morning news fix.

I decided to give The Skimm a try. It’s an email that’s already in my inbox when I wake up. If I’m up early enough to drink my coffee at home, I pull up the email and have a quick read, but most of the time I read it after getting to work. I takes me only 2-3 minutes to read the entire email which even beats the 10 minutes I used to devote to listening to Morning Edition. Did I mention the emails are only delivered Monday – Friday and the subscription is FREE? The Skimm is my current crush. It’s funny, the writers use a sprinkle of humor and keep the information they provide void of their personal political persuasions.

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to get informed give The Skimm a try!

What news sources are you a fan of?





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