Best Year Ever


It’s starting to die down. All the harping people are doing on 2016. It was warranted. I too thought it was an overall craptastic year.

In an effort to stray from all the negativity and to focus more on the positive things in life, I challenged myself to think of 5 things about 2016 that I was grateful for and here they are in no particular order:

  •  I had surgery in March and survived
  • I got to see my father who lives overseas in March and in September
  • My husband found a new job and got to leave the job he had grown to dislike
  • I traveled to Austria, Hungary and Armenia
  • I got to spend yet another year living in the place with the greatest weather on earth

Lost in this train of thought, my mind began to wonder and I found myself pondering about what I would consider my “Best Year Ever” and the answer surprisingly was 2009!

In 2009, I was 29 years old, knocking on 30’s door, still single, living in Hermosa Beach, driving my beloved Acura TSX and living life like I wasn’t guaranteed tomorrow because I was all out of fucks to give.

I disliked my job, well…not so much the job, but I really disliked my supervisor and manager and that’s enough to make a person unhappy. My weeknights were spent walking or biking over to the bars down in Pier Plaza and meeting friends for Happy Hour, drinks and to watch Lakers games. This back when the Lakers still good and winning championships.


There were lots of trips to Las Vegas that year, interesting trips where lots of memories were made. I don’t think any of my future Vegas weekends will ever compare to those 2009 Vegas trips!

I saw some epic concerts that year including UB40 at Mandalay Bay beach in Vegas, Prince (may he R.I.P) and Chaka Khan and Adele at the Hollywood Bowl.

The best thing about 2009 however as that my grandmother was still alive (she passed away in early 2010). We spent a lot of quality time together binge watching HBO’s Weeds on  Demand.

I spent my 30th birthday with a bunch of my friends. We had dinner at Mediterraneo then we went bar hopping, we danced, we laughed, we drank, we were silly and I’m so glad I have those memories and pictures from that evening because 2 people from that night’s crew have passed away since.

I spent 2009 living it up…It was as if I knew that as my 20’s were winding down and I entered my 30’s that I would be moving away from Hermosa Beach, losing some people near and dear to me and meeting the man whom I would marry and start a new chapter of my life with.

The main thing that was so great about 2009 was that I was all out of fucks to give…. so I just rode the wave of life, went where it took me and enjoyed myself so I’ll be taking that sentiment with me as I enter 2017 in hopes of making this my next “Best Year Ever”.

What year was your “Best Year Ever” and why?

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