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I feel it’s justifiable for me to say that 2016 has not been kind to a lot of people. A few of the bloggers I used to follow who would write about thing going on in their lives  stopped blogging early this year, because they got busy and overwhelmed by stress. As a casual reader it left me with a void because when I have some spare time I like to settle in to scroll through my reader and catch up with the blogs I follow, and my feed isn’t as exciting and interesting anymore.

In an effort to be proactive and fix this…I’m using this post to tell you about 2 blogs I follow and enjoy. It is after all the season of giving and sharing. However, I’d like you to return the favor and use the comments section to recommend a blog or two that you subscribe to or follow so I could check them out and find some new fun blogs to add to my repertoire and make my revive my reader for 2017.

After Orange County : The OC Housewife Who Ran For the Hills. capture

I can’t recall how I bumped into this blog, but I love it! The author was a typical OC Housewife with a husband, 5 kids and a dog who pulled the trigger and successfully traded her OC beach lifestyle for a Lake Arrowhead mountain lifestyle. I love reading her posts about how she flipped a property and now rents it out (sounds like she’s doing it again), she even started an ironworks business and still manages time to be a wife, mother and excellent entertainer and cook! I’m planning on making this pesto mold for my next get together. Maybe I was drawn to this blog because I live in Orange County or because I’m always tempted to ditch this life and move to a small town, but whatever the reason, I admire her courage and sense of adventure and how she balances it all.

Reviving Charm : Cultivating a Charming Lifestyle

I also don’t know how I came to find this blog, but once again the author is from Southern California. If I had to describe this blog in a nutshell I’d say it’s a design & style tips providing beacon. I loved her post about holiday wrapping paper and also the one about the Obama Family in the White House.

I didn’t intend to plug two SoCal blogs, but it just worked out that way. What blogs are you currently hooked on?



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