Genius Ideas… (post #3)

I was texting Cousin S about the hassle of boarding my dog every time we travel. We’re fortunate that our little guy’s vet operates out of a facility that’s not only a vet office but also a hospital and they board and it’s a couple blocks away from John Wayne Airport so we often drop him off before we take off and pick him off after we touch down. In the text exchange I was venting a bit about how all our friends and family who keep offering to pet sit for us live 45-60 miles away so drop off and pick up wouldn’t be convenient at all given the ridiculous traffic here in Southern California. Then I had the Genius Idea of Pet Uber! Imagine if I could request a car to come and take my dog to my brother-in-law’s house and then do the same to get him back home. Our dog loves car rides and even has his own seat belt so he would be the best passenger. He wouldn’t try and make small talk, he’d just stay in his spot looking out the window.


It turns out that if we lived in NYC we would already have this service! It’s called Pet Chauffer now if we could only get this service expanded to Orange County.


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