Genius Ideas…(post #1)


I have a cousin (we’ll call her S) who is 6 months my junior. When people say “we grew up together” when describing their relationship with someone, I don’t quite believe them because I’m not really sure they TRULY grew up together the way my cousin S and I grew up together. We went to the same pre-school, same kindergarten, same elementary school, same junior high, different high schools but we did carpool to college. We have been coworkers at 2 different places of employment, we were in the same youth group and served on the executive board of said youth group. We have traveled together, vacationed together… even read a book simultaneously cover to cover sitting side by side. So you see when I say “we’ve grown up together” we really have.

Our entire lives S and I have come up with genius ideas that we tell each other and we wonder why no one has thought of them before. Here’s how a typical conversation (which really happened today over text message) goes with us.

Cousin S: “There should be an app like Uber that sends 2 drivers. One to drive you home and one to be a designated driver who can drive your car home behind you”

Me: “OMG! Yesssssss! Genius! Why don’t they already offer this?

I was once telling a colleague at work about a few of the ideas we have come up with and  she said that she never comes up with anything creative and often wonders about the innovative minds who think of all the great inventions and apps etc… I just know my cousin and I are those people! Based on the amazing ideas we come up with, I think we are gifted.

However what we lack is the time and resources to make our ideas come to life. Recently, when I spouted off yet another genius idea, cousin S suggested we create a message board of some sort where we can post all of our brilliant ideas so others can see them and execute them. Therefore, I’ll be creating numerical posts under this title to help us memorialize all the ideas we come up with! #YoureWelcome

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