10 Dating Don’ts

Here are 10 dating don’ts that both men and women can benefit from. These are all lessons I learned from a decade of dating before I met my husband.

1. Men: Don’t take a woman on a first date to a restaurant that’s going out of business (it’s a bad omen for the future of your relations)

2. Women: Don’t show up for a date without cash. You may need to pay for parking, a cab to bail if your date blows and your uber app isn’t working, to foot your portion of the bill if he proposes going Dutch or to chip in for some portion of the date if it’s going well and you want to just be cool.

3. Men: Do not ask your father for money to take your date out, in front of said date!

4. Women: Do not agree to pick up the man who asked you out on a date from his house because something is wrong with his car.

5. Men: Do not pay for dinner or any portion of the date with gift cards.

6. Men: Do not get drunk with your buddies right before a date & show up intoxicated.

7.Women: Do not continue a date after your guy has stuck his ass out of the window in a moving vehicle on the freeway to fart.

8. Men: Do not take a date to a movie. Furthermore do not take a date to a Marvel movie and then proceed to fall asleep and snore loudly.

9. Women: If you find you and your date trying to list out all the States on a cocktail napkin in the bar while waiting for your table to be ready because you have nothing else to talk about…end the date.

10. Men: Do not ask a woman on a date and show up on her doorstep with no plan. In this day and age there are so many ways to plan a fun, cheap, romantic, active, relaxing, outdoorsy date. Use the damn internet!

I sometimes can’t believe that these were all things I actually experienced, but in hindsight, they all helped me recognize I had discovered a gem when I met my husband.

Do any of you have any dating dont’s to add to this list?

2 thoughts on “10 Dating Don’ts

  1. DO have someone scheduled to call or text you ~20 minutes in – to 1) ensure you’re alive and 2) give you an excuse to bail. “Sorry, gotta jet, the sitter was abducted by aliens and the kids have gone free-range”

    (I’m more a fan of “hey, I’m not feeling it, best of luck to you” but some people see that as a challenge, so you do what you gotta do.)

    1. You’re so right. Especially with online dating nowadays, I offer up this service to friends all the time.

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