Spring Break Scores


About eight months ago, I wrote this post about a Hammitt cross body bag that I’ve been coveting. Well, my analytical nature and self-restraint, gave me pause while I mulled the purchase over and over. This gave me the opportunity to attend the Hammitt Spring Break Sale at the Manhattan Beach Country Club. My girlfriend and I braved a rainy Saturday  morning to get to the event. We both kept saying we wouldn’t buy anything… unless she found a mid-sized cross body that could fit a water bottle, or …. unless I found a brown leather design with grommets that looked like the original Hammitt designs….. or unless I found a fringe cross body like the one I had been eyeing and had blogged about.

Well, I wasn’t prepared for what happened once we got inside. The best way I can think of describing the scene inside would be a shark feeding frenzy, with loud music.


Women of all ages were clawing, gawking and grabbing at handbags left and right! There were so many women and so many bags. It was overwhelming and intimidating. Once I had done a lap around the room, I walked over to my friend and showed her the bag I had picked. It was exactly what I was looking for! The brown Brentwood! With the gold grommets that looked like the original Hammitt designs! When I asked her where we pay she informed me we had to go check out the next room and that they hadn’t even opened the doors to the ballroom yet. I was confused, but quickly realized there was more to this event than the one room!

Hammitt Brentwood

We moved on to the second room and that’s where I began noticing the ugly and scary side of humanity. Women had draped themselves in dozens of bags as if they were armor and ammunition for war. It became difficult to navigate around the room because these greedy girls with glazed over eyes had so many handbags attached to their bodies they had increased the circumference of their bodies by 3x!  I couldn’t figure out if they were each going to purchase that many bags or if they just wanted to have all the options to pick through. I was stunned! At some point in the second room, I got separated from my friend, but since they had opened the doors to the ballroom,  I figured I would find her in the ballroom. WRONG! This was the scariest room of them all! At one point a man in Hammitt shirt was walking around holding a small box and a I heard a woman standing behind me say in deep throaty voice “He has wallets in that box!” he began chucking wallets from afar on to a table and these women were grabbing at them in the air and catching them before they even hit the table. I caught the man’s eye and I could see he was just as terrified as I was.

As I made my way through the ballroom looking for my friend a few black bags began to catch my eye and at some point I found myself holding FIVE bags! I immediately sent my friend the following text message! 2.png

When I read her response, I was so proud of her! Of course MY FRIEND wouldn’t be in the madness that was the ballroom and would be by the food! When I found her, she took one look at me, calmly set down her mini grilled cheese bite and said “Ok, let me see what you have here” and began talking me off the cliff I had found myself on… She told me to step away from the shimmery gold and black bag, to get rid of the bag with a strip of camouflage on it and slowly eliminated every single bag until I was left with the original brown Brentwood with the gold grommets I had initially grabbed in the first room and the fringed mid-size cross body pictured below.


In  the end I was so proud of us because true to our word we walked out of there with the exact items we said we would get and not anything superfluous. She had found the perfect grey mid-sized cross body that her water bottle fit in and I had my beautiful brown Brentwood and mid-sized fringe cross body!  We enjoyed a few more bites of the food (which everyone else was ignoring) and left with our modest purchases while the event was still in a full swing. As for the rest of the ladies who were at the event? I have no clue how they faired or if they even made it out alive. 

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