One Week Off From Life

photo-1422433555807-2559a27433bdMarch is Endometriosis awareness month. Considering the fact that this disease affects 1 in 10 women, it amazes me how little we openly speak of this disease.  So many women suffer from the symptoms of this silent disease, but since it can’t be diagnosed without surgery and there is no cure most doctors aren’t equipped to do anything about it. I just had my second laproscopic surgery to treat endometriosis and this time around has been much different from my first time around.

Having to recover from this procedure forces me to take a week off life and work. The last time I had this surgery I spent my week off hopped up on pain killers drifting in and out of sleep, but this time around I decided to not take a single pain-killer and to move about, gently stretch and walk each day to speed up my recovery. Being lucid this time around has allowed me to catch up on some reading, movies and tv shows. I have really enjoyed having to slow down and just rest and relax. I know that in another 5 years instead of having this procedure done a 3rd time, I’ll probably just have a hysterectomy because in addition to endometriosis I also have adenomyosis which can only be treated by removing the uterus.

A week before my surgery, my girlfriend and I went to AC2  at  Segerstrom Hall with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. We really enjoyed hearing Anderson and Andy talk about their lives and adventures. I had purchased our tickets off Goldstar which got me a free copy of Andy Cohen’s book The Andy Cohen Diaries. I’ve been reading this book this week. I can’t recommend it. It’s about absolutely nothing, so I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. I wanted to go see The Book of Mormon while it was playing at the Segerstrom Hall but tickets were outrageously expensive. Considering I don’t like musicals I had to pass.

Some things I’ve randomly been really into this past week include; The latest Jason Wu stunner Michelle Obama wore to a State dinner in Canada, the Trader Joe’s battered halibut filets that I’ve been eating for breakfast (don’t judge me) and  Priyanka Chopra’s eyebrows! I don’t think these 3 things have ever been mentioned in the same sentence or will ever be again.

this week.jpg



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