The 9 year itch

Do you ever wonder if you were born on the wrong day or at the wrong time? I was born in October 1979 when Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” was #1 on the Billboard charts. I felt 1979 was the perfect year because I could always connect with people born in the 70’s by telling them that we were born in the same decade while also totally fitting in with the children of the 80’s since I missed 1980 by a mere 70 days.

Lately I’ve had an unease about 1979. Yes, the Smashing Pumpkins  wrote a song called 1979, but it wasn’t about being born in that year. The Three Mile Island Nuclear disaster happened in 1979, oil spills polluted the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico,  The Shah ditched Iran, 52 Americans were taken hostage in Iran’s American embassy, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and 11 people died outside The Who concert. Out of nowhere I began feeling that maybe I didn’t fit into  1979 after all. I’m starting to feel like the  9 at the end of my birth year should have been a 0!

Just look at this list of famous people born in 1970. I love so many of the people on this list. These people were meant to be my peers I just know it! Then, look at the pitiful list of who my actual peers from 1979 are….If I had been born in 1970, not only would I be in good company, but I’d also currently be a cougar married to a man 7 years younger than me so there’s that too!


One thought on “The 9 year itch

  1. I’m so laughing right now at “useless people born in 1979” 😂 Great post! I’m from 1982 😉😎on the edge of gen x- and millennial- no wonder I’m so damn confused about everything- nostalgic and then one day all about future and technology lol I’m a damn generation “swinger” 😄🙈

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