Fantasy Football For Females


I’ve been a viewer of  The Bachelor series on abc for years. Before you judge me let me explain why. I began bumping into blogs like LostAngeles that mock everything about the show and seeing accounts on Twitter that were posting hilarious commentary about the show and contestants and before I knew it I got sucked in.

At first, I would just have it on in the background so I’d be in the loop and able to enjoy the blogs and tweet, but soon my roommate and I who used to watch gameshows like Jeopardy and CashCab and compete against each other found a way to make this show competitive too! We would tune in for the first episode of the season with pens and pads of paper in hand and “pick” our teams as contestants emerged from the limousines. We would award ourselves points for each time contestants from our teams got roses and advanced to the next episode. Then we added in points for kisses, crying, bleeped out cursing etc. When we stopped living together we took our gaming online. Who said Fantasy leagues are just for football? We found fantasy leagues for The Bachelor series on  Fantasizr which we used for a while, but since we’ve moved on to using Fantasy4Reality. I love the creative names our group of girls come up with for our teams season after season.


The show is PURE awfulness. I don’t get why anyone would  want to be 1 of 25 contestants competing for someone’s affection and attention. I’m an anomaly of sorts, even when I was single dating was not a numbers game for me. I would only date 1 person at a time and if a guy was dating multiple girls at the same time I’d remove myself from the equation. If I was investing time into dating and getting to know someone I wanted the same investment back. If someone wasn’t capable of just dating me for a couple weeks to really see if we jived I wasn’t interested in giving them any part of my time. How can you tell how you feel about a person and what you think of them when you’re juggling so many of them at the same time?  No self-respecting human in their right mind would ever subject themselves to this type of public humiliation where they are part of a buffet of suitors for one person, but that’s exactly where the MAGIC of this show happens. These are NOT self-respecting humans who are in their right mind. The producers ensure you get a mixed bag of narcissists, egomaniacs, low self-esteemed insecure people and a few crazies. It makes for GREAT television watching these people unravel and you can’t even feel bad for them because they signed up for this shit voluntarily!

In addition to the fantasy leagues that I serve as commissioner for, another great gift I’ve received through watching this show is  discovering the show UnREAL which airs on the Lifetime channel (Season 1 episodes are available online). UnREAL‘s leading lady is Shiri Appleby who I loved from her days on Rosewell. Appleby plays a TV producer on a reality TV dating show. The cool part is that one of the creators of UnREAL actually used to be a producer on The Bachelor, so through Appleby’s producer perspective you see what these reality dating shows are like from behind the cameras and gain some insight into the roles of the producers as the drivers behind the scandalous drama that unfolds throughout the season between contestants.

Do you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? Who do you watch with? I think I’ve finally succeeded in getting my husband interested!


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