Air Travel Doesn’t Have to Suck!


One of my favorite ways to procrastinate is by catching up on all the blogs I follow. While scrolling through my reader today,  I bumped into this post by Girl Tweets World about what goes through her mind on long flights. It was refreshing to learn that other people also try to minimalize long flight times by calculating how many movies they would need to watch to help pass the time.

I love to travel but I really dislike the whole being trapped in an airborne capsule thing. If I don’t distract myself from thinking about the lack of fresh air and how long I’m going to be stuck in the plane I could risk having an anxiety attack so I pretend I’m in a tiny personal movie theatre for a double or triple feature. I don’t watch a lot of movies in my daily life, so when I’m stuck on an airplane it’s the most opportune time to catch up on all the movies I’ve missed.

If I’m not asleep or entrenched in a film, I become aware of how uncomfortable my body is. This leads my mind  to focus on how we board these vessels that will ultimately transport us to our destinations, but in the mean time we are forced to spend our entire journey in seats that seem to be getting smaller and smaller while the prices for these increasingly unpleasant experiences keep getting higher and higher.

My wandering thoughts start going over every creative thing airplane designers could have done to make our flights more pleasant. Some of my brilliant ideas have included;

  • Horizontal bunks – I would much rather spend 10-12 hours lying down. This position is far more conducive to sleeping and watching movies than sitting is.
  • Vertical pods – Equipped with shoulder seat belts like amusement park rides that can weightlessly suspend us in air. These pods would also offer a fold down seat.
  • Designated dining room – If trains can have dinning carts, why can’t airplanes? I don’t enjoy airplane food smells a designated room could contain the scents. I also don’t always feel hungry at the exact times meals are served so this would allow us to go eat when we are hungry. I also don’t enjoy being trapped in my already tiny sitting space when it seems like it’s taking forever for the trays to be collected.
  • Casino! – Imagine a casino room where degenerate gamblers could pay for a seat at a card table and gamble during the flight. If gambling is legal in international waters, why shouldn’t it be legal in international skies? Airlines could make a killing by charging for gambling seats AND then more money can be made by the gambling and then they could afford to charge the rest of us less.

Have you had any cool ideas for what could make air travel more tolerable?

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