Holiday Hustle 2015!

Well they’re here! Whether we are ready for them or not. I’M NOT!  Well, not this year at least. Last year, I used the month of November to get ready. I planned and prepared and I was well ahead of the game. The holiday cards were designed, ordered and mailed before Thanksgiving and my house was decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, November was crazy busy. I had work deadlines galore, a few trips and we painted the exterior of our house. It took us forever to pick our colors because we have a very ugly clay tile roof. We had a rainbow on the back of the house where we tried out different paint samples. Eventually we managed to tone down the red roof like so.

IMG_3346 (2)

Up next, we plan to replace the black wrought iron fence and gate with a wooden one, eliminate part of the lawn and extend the walkway between the gate and sidewalk to create a path and add some landscaping. In an ideal world that would all somehow get done in the next 2 weeks, but I highly doubt we’ll even find the right landscaper before the new year.

For now, one area I am killing it in is group gifts.  I’m a fan of giving and receiving “consumable” gifts. What I mean by that is I don’t like giving or receiving things that just sit around. I like things that disappear after use like food, liquor, concert tickets, candles, you catch my drift. So for my holiday group gifting, I found this idea on Pinterest  for an “Office Holiday Stress Kit” and also this one for “Snowman Soup” so that’s what everyone at work and in the youth group I am an advisor for is getting! To create these I used this FREE blue chevron printable that I found on a blog I recently began following which totally saved me! (Thank you Megan)  For the work crowd I  filled little ziploc baggies with gum, mints, emergen-c, cough drops, tissues, Advil, Band-aids, Relaxing tea and a gingerbread Twix and created the little card on the right that had a cheeky tidbit about each item in the baggie. For the youth group kids, I included a card with instructions on how to make their snowman soup.


What are you giving your colleagues, teachers, neighbors, etc?

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