The Perfect Weekday Morning

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

Who doesn’t dread mornings? Doesn’t it seem like our alarms go off right as we’ve found a comfortable spot in bed? All night I shift around trying to find the perfect position. I incessantly fluff my pillow trying to get it just right, but it seems the moment my alarm goes off, my bed is the softest most cozy thing I’ve ever laid in. Why do beds do that?

Nobody likes having to get up especially when it’s a weekday and you have to go to work. However this morning I didn’t mind so much because I woke up 3 minutes before my alarm was going to wake me up. I felt victorious as is, but then I heard it. RAIN! Although it’s technically still summer, a large dip in the jet stream had caused us to get some rain overnight. Granted it’s a hot and humid rain but I love the rain.

Living in Southern California I crave weather. We have the same weather almost year round so anytime we experience a shift in weather patterns it’s exciting. I don’t enjoy being slapped in the face with humidity and heat but since it’s always a temporary occurrence I welcome it.

Rainy days don’t warrant excessive hair care regiments because no amount of curling or flat ironing will deter the impending frizz. Pony tails are inevitable in cases of precipitation (and perspiration). When going with the low maintenance hair it’s crucial to pair that with a comparable minimal make-up look. This meant I had a GLORIOUS 30-40 minutes to myself this morning. As I laid in bed, listening to the rain, I figured I’d catch up on my Twitter feed.

I had special plans for this morning’s cup of coffee. In my quest to incorporate more coconut oil into my life I had read that blending your coffee & a spoonful of coffee would yield a delicious frothy latte. Today was the day I was going to try it. I did and it worked! I sat at my dinning room table, listening to the rain, enjoying my coffee and favorite Chobani greek yogurt with steel-cut oats (so good…see below)  Now all I have to do is figure out how I can begin every single workday with this combo!



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