Au Revoir Vacance 

It’s been 2 weeks since we returned from vacation and I still have not made amends with reality. I have been struggling with settling back into my old life.

Our first week back jet lag kicked our asses! Perhaps after getting home from an international trip at 6pm on a Monday night I shouldn’t have woken up at 5am and gone to work at 7am. By 2pm I was a useless space cadet so I took my zombie self home and went to bed at 4pm. Each passing day I still get the need to leave work early. I pushed myself to sleep a couple hours later than the night before. It felt like I was reverse sleep training, teaching myself to sleep at 4pm, then 6pm, 8pm & finally 10pm. It took me a full week to recouperate.

Once my jet lag subsided all my vacation memories began flooding in. I wanted to go back (but magically…not in an airplane because I don’t want to see one of those again for a while) I wanted to be back where I could sleep in (I was still up by 7:30am each day), where I didn’t have a care in the word, where I could spend time with friends and family, where we could take day trips and spend our nights out and about….not here where I have responsibilities, a job, social obligations, and endless errands.

Here I am, starting week 3 of being back from vacation, and all I can think about is booking my next vacation. It’s like having an addiction and needing another hit.

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