I’m in the South again ya’ll…

When my friend of over 10 years who lives on the East Coast wanted to meet up, I suggested we pick a random city in between us to explore. We settled on Atlanta.

I got in Friday & took the MARTA downtown where I had booked myself a room at the Marriott Marquee very close to the Peachtree Street MARTA station. This was the view from my room.

Thie atrium of the hotel.

After checking in, I took a glorious nap then headed out for a walk. My Yelp app lead me to dinner at a restaurant called Sway inside the Hyatt Hotel. I wasn’t thrilled about it being a hotel restaurant it wa so inviting I just couldn’t resist. While pouring over the menu, I figured that since I was in the South, I should have Mac & cheese and fried chicken.

The Mac & Cheese was served in a mini Le Creuset pot and was delicious! The fried chicken’s batter had the consistency and taste of shoestring onion rings. Not bad, just not what I was expecting. The portion was enough to for 2. I was tempted to ask for some maple syrup. I’ve become so accustomed to fried chicken being accompanied by waffles and syrup!

While walking around the city, I began to think that people in Atlanta have a very different fashion sense than the rest of the country, but consulting my Yelp app yet again to see what events were in town led me to the discover that MomoCon was in town. The entire weekend people in crazy costumes were walking around casually in hotel lobbies, having meals in restaurants and walking around the streets oblivious to the fact that they were dressed like dragon slayers and alien robots. It was kind of rad.

We checked out the CNN building, Centennial Park and the Coca Cola building before heding off to Aaron’s ampitheatre to enjoy the outdoor Dave Matthews Band Concert. I’ve seen them in concert so many times, and yet it never gets old!
I wish I had one more day in Atlanta so I could have taken MARTA out to Five Points and Buckhead and explored those neighborhoods more. Anyone been to those areas? Did I miss much?

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