Single again


My husband left town on Monday on a business trip. I got to be single again for a week. For married people being single means something completely different beyond the parameters of being in a relationship. Being single for a week meant that for the past 4  days I was my old self and …

  • I could simultaneously sleep both diagonally and in the middle of the bed
  • I watched copious amounts of The Golden Girls
  • I didn’t have to get ready for work while someone was still sleeping. I could turn on lights and watch more The Golden Girls while getting ready for work
  • I didn’t have to make the bed (my husband makes the bed every day)
  • I didn’t wash dishes or unload the dishwasher
  • I only ate roasted vegetables (no carbs or protein)
  • I went to workout every single night

I wonder if my  husband has any idea what a lazy slob I am when he’s not around. I wonder if he suspects that I spent a good part of last night stocking the house with groceries and tidying up the house in preparation for his arrival today. I had to put away the jacket that I left strewn across the back of the couch for 4 days. I had to rearrange the pillows because I had made a blanket and pillow fort for myself. I had to go around the house picking up various pairs of shoes which I had left  in whatever spot I took them off in days earlier. I emptied trash cans, washed dishes and wiped down surfaces and even made the bed this morning.

Today, when I get home from work…he’ll already be home and I’ll be part of a pair again which means that I’ll strive to be a better version of myself. I finally understand why people say that their partners and spouses bring out the best in them.

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