Dear TV Gods

Watching the season finale of The Mindy Project last night, I learned something about myself. Apparently I have a thing for American actresses in roles that require them to play Eastern European women. I don’t know if it’s their carefree and forthright nature that I find appealing or if it’s as simple as the funny accents but I find these characters to be the most entertaining.

My favorite thus far has been Sophie Kachinsky played by Jennifer Coolidge on 2 Broke Girls. I love how Sophie barges into the diner and greets everyone with “Hey Everybody! I’ll be in my booth!” Not only is the character of Sophie hilarious she’s always dressed to kill in curve hugging dresses and interesting purses. Her dresses always distract me and I often find myself having to rewind to pay attention to the dialogue. Although I love watching this character another show stopper arrived on the scene last night!

Last night we met Dr. Ludmilla Trapeznikov played by Laura Dern on the Mindy Project. She’s Mindy’s new doctor and she was super funny. It was such a tease! The clips with Ludmilla were so brief and it was the season finale which means we won’t be seeing her again until next season! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Quick we need a spinoff and if you’re listening TV gods, please find a way to get this character that’s on a Fox network tv show and Sophie who is on a CBS show to interact. I would love to see a show episode where Sophie goes to see Dr. Ludmilla for some issue that arose due to her physical relations with Oleg.

What TV characters make you happy?

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