Three Genie Wishes

I finally know that if a genie appeared in front of me what my 3 wishes would be. Before I tell you what my wishes would be, I want to just put this out there in case the universe is really considering sending a genie my way. I’d prefer if my genie came in a magic lamp and a not a bottle. The bottles are a little too phallic for me, but the magic  lamps, are non threatening and I liken them to gravy boats. I’d also prefer a giant jolly genie or a cute female one. Thanks!

Here are my 3 wishes:

  1. The ability to read in cars without becoming nauseous.
  2. One extra day in the weekend
  3. The complete loss of my sense of taste (can you imagine how much weight I’d lose if eating meant nothing to me anymore?)


If you had to quickly come up with 3 genie wishes what would they be?

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