The Accidental Lip Facelift


On Saturday we invited 30 of our closest friends over to celebrate my husband’s birthday. At a loss for what to drink, I opted to just do tequila shots all night long. I figured it would save me all the calories I would be consuming if I had selected a mixed drink or beer. After shot number 4 or 5 my lips felt crazy chapped. I felt like the 9 year old kid back at summer camp with the super chapped and peeling lips, except mine weren’t visibly chapped, they just felt like they were. I kept looking in the mirror and they looked plump and I didn’t need lipgloss. I kept up with the Tequila shots.

The next day, I kept applying coconut oil, olive oil because Vaseline and Carmex weren’t cutting it. Come Monday, I was irritated and told myself I would moisturize for one more day before taking to my lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate them. Patience has never been my strong suite so I grabbed a tissue and gave my lower lip a swift wipe right to left and then dragged the tissue left to right over my top lip. Instantly dead skin flaked off my lips and they were left feeling softer than a baby’s behind! What the hell had just happened?

Back in July I had stumbled upon an easy natural-ish one ingrediet cleanse  and it appears that I’ve now discovered another easy natural one ingredient lip facelift! Here are the easy steps on how to rejuvinate your lips.

Easy Steps:

1. Cut up fresh limes into wedges.

2. Fill shot glass with Patron Silver

3. Take the shot of Patron Silver follow this up by sucking on a lime wedge.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 numerous times.

5. When your lips begin feeling chapped, begin moisutrizing with vaseline, coconut oil, olive oil or any other lip moisturizer. Do this for 24-36 hours.

6. Swipe a tissue swiftly across your lips. Wipe away the flaky dead layer of lip skin? Is lip skin technically a thing?

7. Enjoy your new soft supple lips….. compliments of my accidental lime lip facelift!


You’re welcome!


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