All Hail to the Hummingbird

HummingbirdIt appears I have love for Hummingbirds! Every time I see one I get as excited as a cocker spaniel being reunited with their owner after a week apart! Hummingbird sightings are so rare, but luckily I live in California where they tend to spend a lot of their time.

What’s not to love about Hummingbirds? They’re the smallest, cutest yet most talented birds! By rapidly flapping their wings in a figure 8 pattern they are capable of hovering! That’s always fascinated me. Their little feet only allow them to perch. They can’t hop or walk which makes me sad for them, but then I remember these mofos can HOVER!

When I was a child, my mother had a Hummingbird feeder in our backyard to attract these beautiful creatures and when they would appear to drink the homemade nectar she filled the feeder with, it would make her so happy and she would call out to us to come see. Whenever I see a Hummingbird nowadays I react the same way. I point them out to others, but quickly notice that most people don’t give a shit about the Hummingbird, well these people suck!

The Hummingbird is awesome. Hummingbirds rule! You may be wondering why I keep capitalizing the H in Hummingbird. It’s due to my deep reverence for the Hummingbird I will always capitalize the H when I refer to them in print.

The internets claim that Hummingbirds can fly left and right, up and down, backwards and forwards and even upside down. Reading that they can fly upside down upset me. Why have I not seen this? The Hummingbirds have been holding out on me. Witnessing this is officially a bucket list item!

Ok, I’m back from updating my bucket list. Although I’m infatuated with Hummingbirds, I don’t have a bird feeder in my backyard. I find myself conflicted on this front because I do want to selfishly entice Hummingbirds into my yard so I can see them and observe them, but the internets say that feeders are an easier source of nectar so they could cause the H-birds to not seek flower nectar and reduce the amount of pollination that them eating flower nectar creates. I don’t want to disturb or mess with natural processes and other things like bees, wasps and bats could be attracted to the nectar food source and I don’t want to invite those guys into my yard (no offense guys). Come to think of it my love for the Hummingbird is further clouted by the fact that I have a MAJOR fear of most birds, but not the Hummingbirds all I’ve got for these magical creatures is love and respect.

Now, I’m off to Etsy to look at all sorts of Hummingbird paraphanalia.

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