Lottery Tickets off the Ground

Who picks up discarded Lottery scratchers off the ground? Apparently I do! On Sunday my husband and I had just finished loading our groceries into the trunk and as I approached the passenger side door of our car I saw a bundle of already scratched Lottery tickets on the ground. I immediately bent down to get them and proclaimed “Look what I found!” (I fully blame my behavior on the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie) I grabbed the tickets and showed them to my husband as if they were the Golden Tickets that would grant me admission into the forbidden Chocolate Factory. The reason I know he and I are meant for each other is because he didn’t look at me as if I was strange for picking up something potentially germ ridden off the floor, instead he was just as elated and excited as I was! We had a good laugh at our mutual ridiculousness.

Last year, Kevin Ferguson of KPCC wrote an article about all the Lottery tickets he sees on the ground in Los Angeles. His curiosity about these losing tickets led to him learning about the Lottery’s Second Chance program. My husband and I have known about this for a while. We keep all of our unlucky scratchers and when he has a handful of them he diligently enters the bar code like numbers into the second chance website. He’s determined to win and I support his unwavering resolve.

As we drove off with one man’s trash which was clearly our treasure, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the first step in ending up on the show Extreme Cheapskates. I dismissed the thought because we don’t do anything nearly as drastic as some of the people featured on the television show, but last night my husband came home with take out and 3 salsa cups filled with cilantro. I did a double take, because we never get cilantro from the salsa bar, but then I looked around and putting 2 and 2 together realized what was going on! My cousin had given us a bag full of avocados and he was making guacamole. Again, instead of being appaled by this I thought “Oh, that’s so resourceful! He grabbed cilantro because we’re all out.” Then the second guessing began…was this step two in ending up on the Extreme Cheapskates show? No right? The cilantro and salsa are there for the taking and it’s not like he took 10 servings of it. He took 3. I’m officially on high alert. I’ve become hyper-sensitive and if I notice one more thing we do that’s borderline cheapskate status we are going to need an intervention!









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