Podcast Bandwagon passenger

serial-podcastI’ve mentioned in my blog before that I am in a book club. Our last meeting was on December 18th. The book we are supposed to be reading for our January meeting wasn’t available at my local library so I decided to skip this month’s book and read the books that have been sitting on my nightstand that I acquired as birthday gifts back in October and the ones that were in the swag bag at the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) gala I attended in New York on December 12th. It was a good plan, but the holidays got the best of me and unfortunately instead of reading I got sucked into a podcast everyone kept asking me if I’d heard about called Serial.

My husband and I took a lot of road trips this year and I had come to feel like I talk my husband’s head off so over the Thanksgiving holiday we tried a book on CD during our car trip (it was about Emotional Intelligence since that seems to be a hot topic at both our workplaces) on our drive back from Las Vegas this past weekend I suggested we try listening to this podcast everyone’s been talking about. I was instantly sucked in! We got through almost half the episodes and when we got home I sat on the couch, staring at our fireplace, curled up with a soft fuzzy blanket and listened to the rest of the season. It was like listening to a long episode of Law and Order. I felt transformed to the days before television when people would gather in their living rooms to listen to stories on the family’s radio. I wish the topic wasn’t something as sad as the circumstances surrounding a young girl’s murder. I think the podcast was very interesting BUT it did sensationalize the murder and the “who done it”. I kept thinking how awful this entire thing must be for the victim’s family to have to know that 15 years after the loss of their loved one the world is now listening to the person who is serving time behind bars for the murder and the person who accused him and put him there. It must be really difficult for them.

The people who worked on this and invested a year of their time into revisiting the case did succeed in making one major good point. Besides one questionable man’s word, there was and is no substantial evidence in this case to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person convicted was the killer. There was A LOT of reasonable doubt and the jury should never have convicted him (if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit). This isn’t to say that he’s innocent or didn’t do it, but it is not provable. That was the conclusion I came to after listening to everything and reading all the subsequent articles that have been published. So if it wasn’t Adnan, who killed Hae? That’s the kicker. We still don’t know. Sure, Adnan could have done it, but is there enough proof for me to have pinned it on him if I had been on that jury? No. It could have just as easily been Jay who lied and changed his story time and time again. How could the jury convict someone based on the testamony of someone who was a drug dealer, who got rid of his clothes, who lied and flip flopped his account of the story on multiple occassions? Now 15 years later, he’s even admitted that he lied! Purjury doesn’t have a stature of limitations in Maryland so this man could very well go to jail now! I think he should. He did admit that he helped dig this poor girl’s grave. Why should he get to walk free? The prosecution paid for Jay’s attorney fees… why? It’s all so wrong!

One major thing that’s come of all this is that the Innocence Project is now looking into Adnan’s case and the eerie thing is that if they succeed in getting Adnan an appeal and the new case does acquit him there’s always the chance that this podcast and the attention it brought to this case could lead to the release of a guilty person….. or the freedom of an innocent man……. It’s such a twisted situation because no matter what… nothing will bring Hae back.


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