My Bold Move for October

A couple of years ago, one of my girlfriend’s was venting to me about some of her dating debacles. I got to thinking about how many different friends and cousins I kept hearing these funny, terrible, awful and traumatic dating stories from. Surely there was a market out there for a book or blog for people to share their experiences. I began doing some research to see if something like this already existed and I came upon a tumblr account called Date By Numbers I went to the beginning and began reading years and years worth of this girl’s blog entries. She was in DC, then she moved to NY, then on to Colorado and on the day that I caught up to her most current entry she had just arrived in Southern California! The next thing I knew she was announcing that her blog was being turned into a book! (I knew there was a market out there for a book about people’s dating stories) Somewhere along the way, the author of the blog came up with something called Bold Moves October (which ended up with its own Tumblr) she challenged herself and her readers to use the month of October to find the courage to be bold. She pushed herself and others to do and try new things or stuff they had been too afraid to try before. People were writing back to her letting her know what their bold moves were. Things varied from a girl asking a boy out for the first time instead of waiting for him to do it, to quitting jobs and moving to new cities. Well, since October is my favorite month I decided to join in on the challenge this year.

Last October, I made what I thought of as a bold move by visitng a Lasik center for a consultation to find out if I would qualify as a good candidate for the procedure. It turned out I was eligible to have the surgery. I turned out not to be as bold as I thought because it wasn’t until this October that I returned for the real bold move of having a pre-op appointment and actually scheduling the procedure. What helped me finally pull the trigger was constantly hearing from friends and family who had already had the procedure that it was painless and life changing. Not a single person had anything negative to say.  My next bold move was putting aside my vanity and dealing with the pre-op requirement to be out of my contact lenses for 10 days straight. This meant I had to sport my ugly eyeglasses. I look horrendous in glasses and silently roll my eyes at all you people who look adorable in eyeglasses. To add insult to my already unattractive 4 eyes situation I also couldn’t wear makeup for 3 days leading up to the surgery date and was told I wouldn’t be able to wear makeup for 5 days after the surgery. I am a woman who needs my makeup people! Agreeing to all this was BOLD!

My Lasik procedure was yesterday at 9:30am (and here I am blogging today!). They re-ran all the tests to make sure everything still looked the same and by 11am we were already driving back home.  It was super jiffy and the discomfort was truly minimal(scale of 1-10 I would say a 1). They gave me a Xanax before the surgery and 2 Valium  after. Once I got home I was super sleepy so I slept for a few hours, woke up had some water, visited the restroom, realized I had some discomfort (scale of 1-10 I would say 2) I took the second Valium as instructed  and fell right back asleep. By 6pm, I was awake and feeling great! This morning I woke up around 6am, went to work and made a  presentation to our management team around 9am and had my post-op appointment during my lunch break. Easy Peasy…

Letting someone have a go at your eyeball with a laser, allowing them to cut a flap open in your cornea, shoot more lasers into your eyeball & then seal up your corneal flap is terrifying. I take that back, it’s BOLD.  They make you sign so many waivers that you can’t help but wonder what your life will be like if things don’t go as planned. Bless the heart’s of all the staff who worked at the office because I asked A LOT of ridiculous questions like:

  • What if I have to sneeze during the procedure?
  • What if the doctor has to sneeze during the procedure?
  • What if we experience an earthquake (high probability here in Southern California)
  • What if there’s a blackout and the machine turns off (high probability here during warm weather)
  • Is there a backup generator?
  • What if there are complications and I need a corneal transplant?
  • Is there a corneal transplant waiting list I will need to get on?
  • Will my transplant come from a cadaver?
  • What if I go blind?
  • Where can I buy one of those seeing sticks?

Thankfully, everything went stellar. The minute I was told to stand up off the operating chair I could see!!!! The worst of it is all done. All that is left is having to endure 5 more BOLD days of no makeup.

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