I Want to Hug October!

Image from dearfriendblog .com
Image from dearfriendblog .com

What is it about October? Why do so many people including me love this month? I don’t know what’s up with other people, but I’ll tell you why I love October so much. I love it because it’s MY month. I’m an October baby, I hate summer and love Fall. I consider pumpkins my best friends. If I could make a career out of being a pumpkin and gourd rescue worker I would. Every year around this time I feel it is my duty to save and rescue as many pumpkins and gourds as I can, but I restrain myself for fear of becoming a hoarder. There are 3 paydays in October, a bunch of new television shows start this month, and I have 3 Fridays off this month. What’s not to love about this month?

Today is the first day of this glorious month and already I have managed to get this started marvelously by maneuvering my way on to the judge’s panel at my employer’s Pumpkin themed baking contest. I mean, it’s only natural that they make me a judge. I am a pumpkin aficionado and will pretty much be the best judge ever!  I’m determined to keep the momentum going to make this my best October yet here’s what I’ve got planned so far and I can’t wait to see what else pops up during the next 30 days.

October 2nd – One of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, sent me an invitation for an in-store birthday bash. One of my girlfriends and I will attending to enjoy some sips and snacks, personal styling and a special 15% discount.

October 4th – I scored free admission for 4 to the Tanaka Farms pumpkin patch

October 5th – I get to babysit Jackson (the cutest little baby boy in the history of cutest little baby boys) while his parents attend a wedding

October 8th – LASIK

October 11th- A casual joint birthday brunch with my friend Steve with 10 of our friends at his place

October 12th – A big reunion with friends

October 17th – First annual family vacation with my in-laws in Palm Springs where we will be celebrating my niece/god-daughter’s first birthday.

October 22nd – My weeknight birthday dinner with my husband at Park Ave

October 25th – Going down to Del Mar with my husband, my cousin M, her husband and their daughter who was our flower girl.

October 26th – Luke Bryan concert with my former roommate

October 30th – Judging the Pumpkin themed baking contest at work

(I know I’m spilling into November now, but these things are part of Fall so they still count. My life. My Rules!)

November 1st – Trip to San Francisco to visit my friend Lori who moved to SF last year on my birthday (worst birthday gift ever)

November 8th – Walk to End Alzheimer’s in honor my grandmother. If you’ve read my previous blog posts you’ve run into this one and know how much  my grandma meant to me. In addition to being selfless, loving and beautiful inside and out, she was a breast cancer survivor who ultimately lost her life after battling Alzheimer’s.

Contrary to what I’ve probably lead people to think by writing this post. I don’t make a big hoopla about my birthday like other people do about theirs.  The last major birthday thing I did was when I turned 30. I realized that doing things in a group will always be frustrating because there will always be the ONE person who tries and tries to make your birthday about them (don’t worry I’m not friends with her anymore).  I promised myself that I would hang up the birthday celebration hat going forth.  For the most part I’ve stayed true to that and not planned big birthday celebrations. A couple of years ago my Pilates studio did a Breast Cancer Zumba fundraiser on my actual birthday so I did shoot an email out to all my female friends asking them if they would like to join me (once again to honor my grandmother) and I was touched when some actually came. We did head back to my house after the event for tea and cake so that sort of counts as a celebration in my book. I’m turning 35 this year so everyone is asking me what I’m doing. I’m trying to keep to my word about not celebrating but since my friend wanted to have a small 10 person brunch at his house for our birthdays I agreed because it sounds low-key enough considering we do occasionally have these brunches at his place anyway. My October is full of so much goodness that I can’t help but wish every month was October over and over again.

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