Down With The Holiday Letter



A couple of weeks ago as I was cleaning out some drawers and discovered  I’m a Christmas Card hoarder. I have diligently been sending out Christmas cards for almost 20 years. A few years ago I decided to pay homage to living a block away from the beach and I sent out cards that simply read “Season’s Greetings from the beach!” I may have also included a tablespoon of beach sand in each envelope which pissed off quite a few of my friends and family. I took a sabbatical from sending out cards last year because after getting our engagement announcement, wedding invitation, and wedding thank you cards I figured people were probably sick of receiving mail from us. I’m ready to get back in the saddle, but to set myself apart from everyone else, I’ve decided my “holiday card” will go out in October and I’ll be including an annoying family photo of my husband and me with our dog AND I’m considering including an even more obnoxious holiday letter updating everyone about our mediocre lives but making it all seem amazing of course.

In my attempt to prep for this holiday letter I decided to go back through my Google calendar and capture the most remarkable things that happened each month. I’ll document my notes here.

January: Well, this year started off  fairly lame. The most exciting thing in month 1 was when cousin S slept over to get some peaceful rest prior to an early morning exam near our house. Getting 1-on-1 time with her was pretty damn epic considering she has her hands full nowadays with two little boys. I hadn’t gotten quality time like that with her in probably 6 years.

February: Learned that I’m no longer capable of riding roller coasters. There was a mid-week  trip to Las Vegas, a day trip to Santa Barbara with a couple of friends in a convertible and my younger cousin T’s bridal shower in Laguna Beach where during the toilet paper bride dress game  I was transformed into the “Hangover Bride” sporting big sunglasses, a can of beer, a toilet paper joint & a barely there dress (because we had used most of the toilet paper allotted to us to stuff my bra). We were robbed of the victory, but all know who really won!

March: After celebrating my husband’s birthday with his brothers and our sister-in-laws at Javier’s in Newport Beach, we returned to Vegas for my cousin T’s wedding. This was also the month I went to the Hot in Cleveland taping where kismet led me to meet the gal who a few months later played a part in helping us save a Yorkie (read about that here). Not satisfied with my boring job, I had a handful of job interviews but ultimately dropped out of the process because I was so unexcited about  the prospective job I was being considered for. Have I mentioned that I’m a master quitter? I start and join a lot of things but then quit or drop out with no shame.

April: I tried to make up for being a dud at the amusement park by going Kayaking in La Jolla. The trip worked out because while we were down there I got to visit my aunt in the hospital. Then I went to San Francisco for a day to visit my friend Lori who had moved there a year ago on my birthday (worst birthday gift ever). Her fiance gave me a hard time about my 8 hour visit, I still don’t get what was so weird about that, so to appease him I’m returning in November for approximately 26 hours.

May: Remember how I said I’m good at quitting things? I quit the gym in May and opted to just keep working out with my personal trainer. (I’ll probably be quitting her in December….. shhhh!)

June: Watched a shit load of World Cup games with my dad who was visiting us.

July: Ah yes,  Pageant of the Masters with my aunt Vera, Duffy Boating it up in  Newport harbor with family, the OC Fair twice, & took my husband’s younger cousin on a college tour.  Started a new job in a different department at the same agency (so glad I listened to my gut earlier in the year and didn’t settle)

August: Cancun with friends.

September: The Vancouver trip , DMB concert, survived a Yanni concert my husband dragged me to.

October: One year anniversary of joining a book club, a joint birthday brunch at my friend Steve’s house with a few friends, our first annual family vacation with my husband’s side of the family, and the Luke Bryan concert.

November: The 26 hour trip to San Francisco

December: Las Vegas

Going through my calendar to take stock of how I spent my year for the purposes of creating a holiday letter and documenting it all here to help me organize my thoughts helped me realize I bored myself so I won’t be doing a letter and boring others either, but it’ll be nice to look back at this years from now and remembering the things I thought were memorable.

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