35 years and counting…

Milestone birthdays should be marked in some fashion. How should I mark this milestone birthday that’s fast approaching? Last year I gave myself the gift of joining a bookclub. I think it’s the absolute best gift I’ve ever given myself. It was free, I met some amazing women and over the last year I’ve enjoyed reading and discussing books I otherwise wouldn’t have selected for myself.



Earlier today, I bumped into  this blog post about a girl named Danielle turning 25 who also loves to read. Her post reminded me of when I was 25 a decade ago! I had just finished grad school and I was lost. I didn’t know what to do with all the free time I suddenly found myself with. For the previous 20 years I had been spending most of my free time commuting to schools, sitting in classes, reading textbooks, studying for exams and writing paper after paper. My cousin, sensing my angst, gave me a book called “The Quarterlife Crisis” which did nothing except make me realize I was a boring statistic. Eventually I found plenty of ways to fill my free time.

Seeing Danielle’s 25 goals for  her 25th birthday reminded me that when I was her age, I had some of the same goals she has now. Danielle’s list made me realize that I’ve come a long way and accomplished quite a few things that I can be darn proud of! Here are just a few things we both had on our list of goals at age 25

  1. Pay off my car (check!)
  2. Move up in my career at work (check!)
  3. Pay off my student loans (check!)
  4. Save money for future use (check!)
  5. Buy a house (check!)
  6. Get married (Well, mine was “Love without abandon”….check!)
  7. Expand my philanthropy (check!)
  8. Travel (check!)
  9. Pay off my credit card debt (Danielle didn’t have this but I did…and check!)

Approaching age 35 I have stability in the 3 major areas of my life that were a hot mess when I was 25.

Career, Finances, & Relationships at 25: I had the job title I wanted, but hated my job, I was living paycheck to paycheck and I was in debt, and I was wasting my time and energy pinning over a guy who was “no good for me”.

Career, Finances, & Relationships at 35:  I have the job title I want, I  love my job, I have no debt and have assets, and savings. I’m happily married to a man who is “the best for me”.

Nowadays I don’t lay awake at night wondering if I’ll ever meet a good guy or if I’ll be able to scrape up enough cash to make my student loan payment. Instead I worry about losing the happiness and stability I have.

I’m looking forward to turning 35. I plan on celebrating with my husband, his siblings and their spouses, my adorable niece and nephew and my loving mother and father in law whilst on our first family vacation together.




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