Cozomo Gadget Sherman

On August 2nd around 6pm while I was out walking our dog I ran into this Yorkie a block away from our house. A lot of households in our neighborhood have pets and often times dogs wander off. I feel like I’m corralling a different dog home each month. However with this little guy there was no one around, no garage doors were open and he didn’t have a collar for me to check what address I could return him to. As I approached him he didn’t retreat. He let me pick him up and I carried him home asking each person I passed along the way if they knew who he belonged to. It perplexed me that no one was out looking for him!

He was adorable, well-groomed, and very friendly. When I brought him back to our house I didn’t know what to do. I contacted a friend of mine who is active in the animal rescue world (mostly finding homes for dogs that are on kill lists at area shelters). She advised me to take him to an animal hospital or a vet to get him scanned to see if he was chipped. Why hadn’t I thought of the possibility that Gadget (what I started calling him) could have been chipped? Our dog is chipped so I know about chips duh! Since it was already 7pm and our vet was closed for the day we went to an emergency pet urgent care center where they confirmed he was not chipped. GET YOUR PETS CHIPPED PEOPLE! Heck, get your kids chipped if you can! The animal hospital staff informed us that the Yorkie looked exhausted and suggested we keep him overnight then take him to the local shelter because that’s where owners tend to check for their lost pets.


We put Gadget in our hallway behind a baby gate to keep him contained and quarantined from our dog since we didn’t know his medical history. He seemed ok there, but wouldn’t sleep unless I sat right next to him at which point he would instantly doze off. Unable to get comfortable on the tile floor myself, I ended up taking him out to our backyard at 3am where I slept on the patio furniture. We have had amazing weather all summer, but for some reason we had what felt like tropical monsoonal rain that evening. I was glad Sherman (what my husband started calling him) wasn’t alone out on the streets.  It was quite pleasant sleeping out there listening to the rain with him curled up next to me. It was warm and humid so I didn’t even need a blanket. Sherman Gadget kept me company. He hadn’t made a peep since I found him, but around 4:30am he did omit one single solitary growl & bark (I’m assuming that either the cat that likes to visit our yard or the Possum that likes to poop in our bush came by and Gadget Sherman scared them off). If anyone knows how we can stop this persistent poopy possum from using our yard as its toilet, please leave a comment.

The following morning my eyes were puffy and my throat felt scratchy and I couldn’t stop coughing. I turned out I was allergic to the Yorkie. Every hope I had of keeping him was dashed. We had no choice anymore and had to take him to the shelter. I was crying the entire way and didn’t want to leave him there, but I knew that keeping him would mean more allergic reactions for me and possibly interfering with his owner being able to locate him. I told the employee at the shelter that if no one came for Sherman Gadget during their required 4 day hold to call me and I would take him. I had every intention to find my buddy a home and I was able to do it because of Bette White! Yes, Bette White who played Rose on Golden Girls and is now Elka on Hot in Cleveland.

A few months prior to this incident, my girlfriends and I had gone to a taping of Hot In Cleveland (I love Bette White) a random audience member stood up and announced she works with an organization called The Yorkie Rescue of America. I don’t know if her announcement was random or it was because of Bette White being an animal lover, but something compelled me to go over to this woman during one of the breaks to ask for her card. I contacted the organization through Facebook about Sherman Gadget on Sunday morning and by day’s end they had written back that they had someone who wanted him! I was so excited! If this wasn’t Kismet I don’t know what would be.  I wish Bette White knew that my desire to go see her resulted in me meeting an audience member who was able to help me find this little dog a home. I bet Bette would love to know that she was the real reason Gadget Sherman found a home.

About a week and less than $200 later all the paperwork was in order and the shelter called to tell me Sherman Gadget had been chipped, given a flea bath, neutered, updated with his shots and was ready for pick up. I have to give a huge shout out to the Orange County Animal Shelter. I got some grief from people for taking him there, but I went and visited him and he seemed fine. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the dogs did look traumatized and were crying, howling and barking and it did break my heart but if you think about it what other choice is there? Leaving these animals out on the streets? Each dog was given their own pen and I didn’t see any excrement in their spaces and each dog had a bed and water bowl.

The gentleman who ended up adopting this Yorkie ultimately named him Cozmo and he can be seen below in his new home. I’m so happy that Cozmo found a good home and we periodically receive updates about how well he’s doing and getting along with all his new doggy friends.


I owe my husband a lot. He had a dog when we met and prior to getting to know his dog, I was disinterested in dogs. I’ve come full circle and now fully understand why it is important for us to care for these intelligent, loving, compassionate animals who contribute so much to our lives.

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