I want to be a happy go luck mouse!

How do you do it? How do you protect your joy? How do you suppress what you know to keep it from making you the most depressed person in the world?


I can’t seem to visit Twitter, Facebook or my favorite news websites anymore without the things I read causing my blood to boil.  I feel exactly like this image of Mickey Mouse. When you think of Mickey Mouse you think about a Happy go lucky mouse who lives in the “Happiest Place on Earth”. I want to be a happy go luck mouse, but I can’t because I’m conflicted, sad, angry and completely ridden with guilt.

I viewed this video  on Youtube yesterday and  IT BREAKS MY HEART! I can’t stop thinking about them and how much their lives have been impacted by a pointless politically fueled conflict that they have absolutely nothing to do with. How am I supposed to process what this little girl said about constantly feeling hungry while foraging in the dirt for bread crumbs? How am I supposed to digest that while my biggest conundrum today was whether I should watch “The Men Tell All” episode of The Bachelorette or to polish off Season 2 of Orange is The New Black this little girl’s was trying not to get “struck” like her mom and finding enough morsels of bread to quiet her grumbling tummy? I feel powerless for not being able stop their pain and suffering and then there’s a guilt about having it better than this other little human. I haven’t done anything to deserve my privilege and I’m sure she hasn’t done anything to deserve her misfortune.

That video only depicts the situation of one family, but think  about all the civilians in Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, and Gaza whose lives have been turned upside down… and for what? Land? Power? Egos? Religion?

We each get one go around in life. One chance to exist on this planet and live a life. Many of us get to be healthy and happy while others have to suffer through wars and illness.  We can be our own salvation if we all learn to get along and treat each other as equals GOD DAMN IT!

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