Bucket List


I have had a “bucket list” of things I want to do during my time here on earth for over a decade. The bucket list began with 30 items because that’s my favorite number. I have been tracking my progress periodically throughout the years and been making steady progress and crossing off item by item. I realized today, that I only have 10 items remaining. After feeling awesome for a minute I began wondering if perhaps I had made this list too easy. Had my life peaked? Was it all downhill from here? What happens when I cross off the next 10 items? Should I expand the list and add more stuff? I’m still not quite sure, but in the mean time, here’s what it looks like.

  1. Save someone’s life ( I have photo evidence of this on Instagram)
  2. Visit a forbidden place (Cuba was forbidden when I visited back in 2002)
  3. Hug a Panda
  4. Swim with Dolphins (No thanks, I saw Blackfish. I don’t support animal captivity)
  5. Live Abroad (Florence)
  6. Make someone laugh and pee their pants (Thanks for admitting to that Shippy!)
  7. Make my father proud
  8. Ride in a gondola in the canals of Venice
  9. Get a Master’s Degree 
  10. Eat Sushi in Japan
  11. Stand on my own two feet 
  12. Eat ceviche in Peru
  13. Party until the sun comes up (Greece)
  14. Eat a croissant at a Cafe in Paris while staring at the Eiffel Tower
  15. Love without abandon 
  16. Go Skydiving
  17. Go Ziplining (Costa Rica!)
  18. Ride in a Helicopter
  19. Visit the mid-west and  the south (Indy, Kentucky, Ohio, Chicago, Austin, Nashville)
  20. Throw someone’s drink in their own face or slap them with their own hand. (I inadvertently did this to my friend Lori one New Year’s Eve in San Francisco when I knocked her champagne glass with my hand and splashed her drink into her eye.)
  21. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  22. Go to Spain
  23. Surf, Parasail or Snorkel
  24. Make a difference in the life of someone less fortunate
  25. Explore the Pacific Northwest (Seattle and Vancouver)
  26. Purchase a Tadahiro Uesugi print
  27. Live at the beach (Hermosa Beach)
  28. See Bob Barker & his skinny microphone
  29. See Betty White
  30. Purchase a home
  31. Witness a Hummingbird flying upside down (had to add this one!)

What’s on your bucket list?


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