The Accidental Cleanse

There’s a new fad in California. Juicing and juice cleanses. On Wednesday evening I was having dinner with a couple friends and I asked them if they wanted to come over that weekend to play Cards Against Humanity and one of them said she’d have to play it by ear because she was going to be taking advantage of the holiday weekend to do a juice cleanse. I mentally applauded her effort and went back to enjoying the cocktails and appetizers. I began to feel a rumbling in my stomach. I wondered what could have been upsetting my stomach and  realized I might know what the culprit was. Prior to meeting my friends for dinner, I had stopped at home to walk the dog. Spotting a bag of sun-dried tomatoes on the counter that we had used earlier in the week in a dinner recipe I decided those would make a nice little healthy snack to hold me over until dinner. You’d be surprised how much I learned from that one little snack session.

1-Sun-dried tomatoes on their own, do not make for a yummy snack.

2-Sun-dried tomatoes are pretty damn caloric.

3-You need to refrigerate a bag of sun-dried tomatoes after opening.

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It’s now Friday afternoon, and I haven’t been able to venture too far from a restroom since Wednesday night. Being at work yesterday was pretty tricky! I sent my friend who is embarking on a juice cleanse a text message today telling her to scrap her fancy juice cleanse and try this new easy cleanse I stumbled upon. How can you beat a natural-ish one ingredient cleanse that doesn’t involve buying a bunch of fruits and vegetables and peeling and cutting them only to then have to deal with washing a complicated juicing contraption? You can’t! Who knew that by simply not refrigerating sun-dried tomatoes as instructed you could create nature’s laxative?

I’m sure there are a shit load (pun intended) of dieters out there who would pay top dollar to learn about this and here I am putting it all out there on the internets for free. Consider this me paying it forward. You’re welcome. Now, I’m off to have an explosive (pun intended) weekend!


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