Freshen Up Your Summer Playlists

Here’s are some songs to check out on iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, Soundcloud or whatever vehicle you get your music from.  You’re bound to find something here to add to your summer 2014 playlist.

ImageSt. Lucia – “Elevate” (catch them on tour this summer and thank me later. Especially if they perform their cover of Chaka Khan)

Wild Cub – “Thunder Clatter” I dare you to listen to this and not love it. If your shoulders don’t bounce to this or you don’t bop your head or tap your toes something’s wrong with you man! It’s fun as shit!

Bastille – “Of the Night” If you lived through the 90’s this one will incite some nostalgia. from the 50th second until 1.25 this song gives me goosebumps. Already have a Bastille concert in my calendar for November.

Chromeo – “Jealous” these guys have consistently been putting out great dance tracks for like a decade & their concerts will get you moving. Most I’ve ever danced at a concert.

Arctic Monkeys – “Do I Wanna Know”

Hozier – “Take Me To Church”

Quadron – “Favorite Star” and “Hey Love”

Kelis – “Jerk Ribs” (I like all the instruments that come in around the 40th second)



Midi Matilda –  “Ottawa”  Discovered this indie pop duo from San Francisco in June 2012 when I caught them opening for Capital Cities (right before they blew up) at the Detroit Bar (R.I.P) in Costa Mesa. There were six of us, we danced our assess off and all walked out with their EP. Their music has been on heavy rotation in my life for 2 years, but I’m still not sick of their songs. They just finished working on their new album in February so I’m eager for it to drop.

CHVRCHES – “Recover” 

Magic! – “Rude” (just start listening to this now because it’s going to be this summer’s anthem)

Nico & Vinz – “Am I Wrong” (this is another solid contender for this summer’s anthem)

Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones – “Things Can Only Get Better” (a well done remix of a classic 80’s hit)



Best Song “Elevate”

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